Volunteer Firefighter

How and Why Should I Become a Volunteer Firefighter?

Becoming a volunteer firefighter is a very rewarding and valuable way to serve your community. It takes dedication and many hours of training to become a firefighter. The skills you learn such as bravery, respect, safety, leadership, and working as a team will be used throughout your life.

Currently, the Firefighter 1 program takes 159 hours. This is usually spread out over a several month period where the participant attends class 2-3 times a week at night. There are also 1 month courses offered in the summer at various fire academies in our area. This however is only the beginning of your training. Over the years, you will learn new skills, tactics, and will hopefully attend more advance levels of training such as Pump School, learning how to drive a fire truck, hazmat training, being an Officer, advancing to Firefighter 2, Firefighter 3, and much more. The possibilities of your training are endless. There is an old saying: “The day you stop training to be a firefighter is the day you retire.”

In order to become a Firefighter, you must:
◾ Be at least 18 years old.
◾ No experience needed.
◾ Pass physical / background check.
◾ Live within a reasonable distance from the firehouse.
◾ Attend and pass fire school.

Joining the fire company doesn’t mean you’ll be sent right away to the fire academy. Most new members become Probationary Firefighters. Probationary Firefighters are members of the department that are over the age of 18, but have not yet completed the required training set forth by the State of New Jersey to become a firefighter. These members spend several months learning the trade of being a firefighter. Probationary firefighters still attend company meetings, drills, training opportunities, and even get to respond to calls under the supervision of the volunteer firefighters and line officers. Once ready, they will then need to attend one of the local fire academies in order to become a fully certified firefighter.

AVEC1 is always looking for people who are willing to volunteer to serve as our next generation of firefighters. If you are interested in joining, feel free to download and fill out the form below or stop by the station to pick up an official application form -located outside our building by the Main Entrance. Please note: if you choose to download the form, you will need to transfer all information you provide to our Official Form. We typically meet on the 4th Monday of every month at 8:00pm for our monthly meetings and the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month to practice drills. If needed, you may call the station and set up another time to meet with us.

Process for becoming a member:

  1. Fill out the Application.
  2. Email, Call, or stop by the station to set up an interview date.
  3. Bring in your application.
  4. Complete criminal background check
  5. Complete physical test

NOTE: Below is a link to a copy of the Volunteer Firefighter Application. All information you write on this form WILL NEED TO BE TRANSFERRED OVER TO OUR OFFICIAL FORM. All Official Forms are located outside our station by the Main Entrance.